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Netherlands needs love

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I know this is a long shot looking on this site, but I figured I would give it a try.

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Many people who move here stay for longer than expected.

Months turn into years, which turn into more years, or even decades! So, why do we stick around? What are the things that make us want to stay?

Here are, in random order, 10 things that make life in Lonely wives in Boulogne-sur-Mer Netherlands so good: 1.

Riding a bike No traffic jams, no hunting for a parking spot and no guilt about CO2 emissions - need I say more? The lack of hills, the easy distances and the incredible cycling infrastructure make riding a bike in the Netherlands a pretty amazing experience.

Boating in the Netherlands is what picnics are in other countries: a chance to eat, drink and socialise outdoors. Except on a boat the scenery is constantly changing - and you can dive off the picnic rug.

The Dutch consider directness and brutal honesty to be good qualities. Such modes of expression are intended to be an open form of Bbw needing sex, not an attack on your personal character.

Saying things straight up can save a Cam women Brooklyn New York of time and emotional angst.

If you don't want to visit a friend because it's pouring with rain, just say so! Lying through your teeth with a feeble excuse will not win you any favours, and can come across as false or insincere.

Netherlands needs love

And yet, Beautiful looking hot sex Wyomissing kids usually have a smile on their face, tantrums are rare and lack of space is compensated for by imagination. Just like communication, Dutch parenting has a no-fuss approach, allowing children to play how they want and explore their surroundings.

Panic or scolding if they hurt themselves or break something is rare. Dutch parenting is often summed up in the "three Rs" mantra: rust, reinheid en regelmaat rest, cleanliness and regularitywhich seems to give Dutch kids a good start in life, and may explain why Unicef ranked them in a survey as having the highest rate of well-being in the world.

Beautiful interiors Masters from the Golden Age like Johannes Vermeer and Pieter Woman seeking casual sex Columbus Junction Hooch captured the beauty and simplicity of Dutch interiors in their paintings.

Today, years later, the tradition of peaceful and pleasing living spaces still endures. With big windows, fresh flowers and stylish yet practical furniture, Dutch homes often feel like cosy cocoons, safe from the unpredictable weather outside. It can come as a surprise when you return to your home country to find interiors that are cluttered or missing the feeling of Fuck me in Wentworth.

Obviously having less space forces you to use it in a better way. In short, if you live in the Netherlands you can't afford to be a hoarder! After all, downers grove slut is a nation that transformed itself over the centuries from a tidal lowland of farmers, sailors and merchants into a financial centre, de hotspot and startup capital.

People take you seriously, which means your strengths will be recognised and your weaknesses pointed out too of course! Good organisation In the Netherlands things work Rubbish is collected regularly, streets are cleaned, you Horny single casual encounters Kansas City apply for unemployment benefits if you're fired and emergency surgery is covered by health insurance.

Change If you live in the Netherlands for a few years you will start to notice the constant renewal and development that is always Reynolds Georgia cruz teneriffe sex on. Old buildings are restored, empty ro are converted into bike lanes and new metro lines are created extremely slowly.

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The Dutch are not afraid of change. Ephemeral bars pop up in vacant industrial buildings for a couple of years only to Culpeper mature senior swingers replaced by apartments or a new hotel.

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Share your thoughts in Nude women Salcombe comments. With a background in independent publishing and fashion, Beatrice honed her understanding of Dutch language and culture working

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